You Still Control Your Medical Billing Services

Medical practices are often faced with the question of whether outsourcing

medical billing services makes sense. Outsourcing medical billing offers many

benefits that are not usually seen when medical organizations decide to keep

their medical billing services in-house. Here at Applied Medical Systems, we

work with a wide variety of medical facilities that use our medical billing solutions

to reap the benefits of the following:

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Billing Consistency

Applied Medical Systems will submit claims to insurance companies on a regular

basis. We are obligated to follow up on any claims that are either denied or

unpaid. Medical organizations do not have to worry about claims not being sent

out in a timely manner because of a medical billing professional’s sudden

departure or illness.


A Reduction in Billing Errors

Our experienced, highly-trained medical billers have the skills and knowledge

necessary to ensure that a medical practice’s claims are sent with little to no

billing errors. A reduction in billing errors can reduce the amount of denied and

rejected claims received and help maximize reimbursements on future claims.


Money Savings

By opting for medical billing solutions from Applied Medical Systems, a medical

organization can save thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits, purchasing

and maintaining billing software and equipment, furniture, and office supplies.

Our medical billing services are far less costly than what a medical practice

would typically pay for an in-house medical billing department.

While any medical facility can benefit from billing consistency, a reduction in

billing errors, and saving money, hands-on doctors may be skeptical of losing

control of medical billing services. It’s important to understand that outsourcing

medical billing services does not mean a doctor is no longer involved with any

part of the process.

At Applied Medical Systems, doctors play a vital role in ensuring success with

our medical billing solutions. Doctors will be able to check the status of the claims

through a special system that can give them insight on the work that is being

done. They can access the quality and effectiveness of the medical billing

services and communicate with us on a regular basis to discuss any questions,

concerns, or suggestions.


Contact Applied Medical Systems Today

If you’re a doctor who would like to spend your precious time on patient care

rather than managing a team of in-house medical billers, contact Applied Medical

Systems today. We look forward to optimizing your profits while still giving you

the control you deserve.