Medical Coding Services

Why do I need Medical Coding Services?

Every practice can benefit from medical coding services.  Your practice’s coding strategy most likely fits within one of two categories; either you are losing money on reimbursements because you are undercoding or you are putting yourself at risk for an audit by overcoding. It’s near impossible, not to mention expensive, to try and maintain the in-house resources necessary to optimize your coding efforts while staying current with ongoing industry updates such as yearly CPT changes and ICD-10, just to name a few.

How can Medical Coding Services help me?

AMS offers a team of experienced and highly trained coding experts that are all certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders – the gold standard for medical coding.

Know your current level of risk by having our AAPC certified Auditor (CPMA ) audit charts to determine the accuracy of documentation and coding and to determine if there is opportunity to enhance reimbursements or to decrease risk. Bring our AAPC certified coding Instructor (PMCC, CPC-I) on site to help both your coders and providers improve their skill set by optimizing reimbursements, without overcoding.
Ultimately our goal is to manage risk. You are at risk if you are overcoding OR undercoding. In either case you run the risk of being identified as an outlier by Medicare. Just as you would refer your patient to a specialist for their expertise in a specific area, we believe the best way to ensure optimal coding is to rely on our certified specialists who have made it their profession to be proficient in CPT, ICD-9/10, and HCPCS coding across various practice models.emr

Our medical coding services are proven, consistent and accurate. We audit our coders’ performance to ensure they maintain a 97% or greater accuracy rate. Should a coder fall below that threshold, we put them on continuous review until they meet our standards for three consecutive months. Our coders also understand the ever-changing nature of the medical billing industry and stay up-to-date with all the latest policy and compliance updates, so you don’t have to.

AMS is a cost-effective and reliable medical coding service that reduces the cost of in-house resources while increasing your ability to get paid fairly for the services you provide. For more information on medical coding services from AMS contact us at our office.


  • CPT, ICD9CM & HCPCS coding
  • ICD10CM Readiness Consulting
  • PQRS Measures
  • Utilize CCI & LCD edits
  • Documentation training
  • Documentation Auditing
  • Coding Auditing
  • Carrier Disputes
  • RAC Assistance
  • Certified coders, trainers & auditors
  • Continual feedback for optimal results

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