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About Applied Medical Systems

As a physician, you spent years of time and thousands of dollars to become a physician to develop your talents and pursue your passion to help people. Unfortunately, now you find most of your efforts dedicated to the endless demands of running a business. You are not alone. The average physician office spends 20 hours per week on insurance-related administrative tasks with physicians spending almost half their day outside of the exam room often working on documentation and follow-up.

You may realize you need help but struggle with the idea of entrusting your practice to just anyone. That’s where Applied Medical Systems (AMS) comes in. We’re not “just anyone”; we’re an experienced and caring team of specialists who want to work closely with you to make sure your practice not only survives but thrives.

Why you should choose AMS as your medical billing and coding provider?

After serving healthcare practices for more than 30 years, there must be at least one reason why clients continue to choose AMS. In fact, we can think of eight:

  1. Extensive Experience: We provide more than 50 years combined experience in almost every area of practice administration, which means you get the benefit of comprehensive expertise without overpaying for an internal team of specialists.
  2. Technology-Driven Solutions: We’ve collaborated with a variety of cutting-edge technology partners to not only ensure efficiency but also to maximize profitability; that includes everything from cleaner claims to the convenience for patients to pay online. And don’t worry about which EHR system you have, we’ll make sure integration is seamless.
  3. Proven Results: Did you know that the average collection amount lost for claims aged more than 30 days automatically jumps by 15%? If your average claim is $100 then you might have just lost $15 by letting it sit on the books for one day too long. At last count, we beat the HBMA industry benchmarks by an average of 8.51 days. That means on average you get your reimbursement 8 days faster with AMS. With over 30 years of “best practices” expertise, we know what it takes to expedite the claims process, reduce denial rates and maximize your cash flow.
  4. Close Client Relationships: Here at AMS, everybody knows your name; we provide ongoing direct contact with senior level management, which has resulted in close client relationships that run deep. The average employee tenure is over 8 years and average management tenure is 13 years — so turnover is low and the time invested in getting to know you and your practice is high.
  5. Superior Patient Support: Our “Patient First” methodology ensures that when your patients call our office for billing support they’re going to be greeted by a U.S. based billing specialist who will go above and beyond to make sure they get the support they deserve. If patients don’t understand their coordination of benefits, we’ll help them. If patients have a question about their deductible, we’ll help them. We understand that there is more to patient support than just collecting money.
  6. Up-to-Date Expertise: The one thing that’s constant about healthcare is that it’s always changing. That’s why we invest at least two hours per month in each employee’s ongoing education to make sure our industry knowledge is up-to-date. We also encourage our employees to obtain billing and coding certifications and to further their learning through education assistance programs.
  7. Culture of Compliance: Everyone says they are compliant. But are you really?  Compliance isn’t just about HIPAA, it’s about doing things the right way. We live and breathe compliance in every aspect of our services – not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Our culture of compliance entails a comprehensive compliance program, ongoing compliance training, risk assessments, monitoring and auditing, and corrective actions.  Our culture of compliance not only strengthens our compliance, it reduces your risk.
  8. Certified Specialists: All AMS coders are certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders – the gold standard for medical coding. We have a certified coding auditor and instructor on staff who serve as the ultimate coaches for helping practices maximize reimbursements without overcoding.

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At Applied Medical Systems, we are real people whose goal is to serve as an extension of your business to help you spend more time on what truly matters–patient care. Meet the AMS team to learn more about our individual backgrounds and experience.