Helping Patients Understand Their Health Insurance Coverage

Just like people, healthcare insurance plans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even when working with the same insurance company, plans can vary drastically. And let’s be honest, understanding insurance terminology is almost like learning a new language. Terms such as PPO, HSA, and HMO are foreign to most average Americans. That is… Continue Reading

The Top 5 Reasons Medical Claims Are Denied

Let’s face it, receiving reimbursements is an important component in keeping your practice up and running. You need these funds to pay staff, purchase supplies, and treat patients. For these reasons and more it can be frustrating when a claim is denied. Unfortunately, denials can make up to 30% or more of a practice’s billing.… Continue Reading

Changing EHRs: Is It Worth It?

Is your EHR difficult to use? Is it slow? Is it time consuming? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider switching EHR companies. Specifically if you adopted an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system back when they were a relatively new technology, you may be missing out on… Continue Reading

Outsourcing Medical Practice Services

Like any business, when you are running a medical practice you are interested in recognizing the most profits. At times, this requires eliminating costs, such as outsourcing medical billing to save on salary expenses, technology costs, and the like. Although medical billing is a surefire way to increase the profitability of your medical practice, there… Continue Reading

6 Tips For Coding Medical Complications

The introduction of ICD-10 brought extensive changes to healthcare coding including the introduction of thousands of new codes, many of which providers are still getting comfortable with. One area that providers have found particularly challenging is the coding of medical complications. Although ICD-10 has made it easier to code complications through the elimination of separate… Continue Reading

3 Practice Management Resolutions for 2017

Each new year brings the opportunity to reflect back on the previous year and outline successes and areas of improvement for your medical practice. From this reflection comes ideas and resolutions on how to better manage your practice in the new year. If your medical practice management resolution for 2017 is to increase profits, Applied… Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Medical Credentialing

As a medical professional, medical credentialing is most likely a topic you hear of often. Medical Credentialing is a method used to assess the qualifications and practice history of a doctor. This systematic, in-depth, and time-consuming process also includes the process of becoming associated with insurance companies (also known as provider enrollment) so that you… Continue Reading

The Gift of Private Medical Practice

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of private practice. You have worked hard all year long and deserve to treat yourself with something nice. If you have been dreaming of opening your own practice, purchasing an existing practice, or growing your already established practice, now is the time to act. Applied Medical Systems (AMS)… Continue Reading

Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding: No Room For Errors

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, known in the medical community as ASCs, are healthcare facilities that focus on outpatient (same day) surgical care. In 1970, the first ambulatory surgery center, coined Surgicenter, opened its door with five doctors performing surgery on opening day. Up until that time, all surgeries were performed in the hospital, which resulted in… Continue Reading