How to Reduce “No-Shows”

As a medical practice, there are few things more frustrating than “no-shows”. When patients make an appointment, they are expected to show up and show up on time, just like they expect the same out of you. As much as you would like for patients to call and cancel in a timely manner, there are… Continue Reading

The American Health Care Act

With recent leadership changes in the U.S. government, come changes to U.S. Healthcare. During his campaign President Donald Trump promised to repeal or amend the Affordable Care Act, known informally as “Obamacare”. As promised, the American Health Care Act has been drafted as a replacement plan for Obamacare. For many American’s, there is confusion surrounding… Continue Reading

The Danger of Overbilling

As a medical practice, billing errors happen. Although mistakes with billing errors can be common, at times they can also be purposeful. For example, a medical practice may decide to overbill in order to collect higher reimbursements from insurance companies. In order to avoid the repercussions that come with medical billing fraud, it is important… Continue Reading

Mental Health Coding Tips

Are you a primary care provider struggling with mental health coding? If so, you are not alone. Many healthcare providers find coding for mental health services to be challenging, especially since it is not something they specialize in. Below you will find mental health coding tips designed to make your life a little easier. But… Continue Reading

The Secret to Fighting Denials

As a medical practice, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving denials on insurance claims. In order for your practice to grow and thrive it must remain profitable, which means you rely on insurance reimbursements to pay your expenses and your staff. If denials keep occurring, your staff has to spend more time fighting denials… Continue Reading

Reasons Your Practice Would Benefit From a Certified Coder

If your medical practice has a medical billing and coding team in house, it is important you understand what a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is and what the benefits of having a certified coder on staff are. Just as you wouldn’t trust your medical care to a person without a medical degree, you should not… Continue Reading

Benefits of Medical Staff Training

As a business, your employees are your biggest asset. Just like any asset, you must take care of your employees in order to benefit from their full potential. For this reason, offering medical staff training is imperative to operating a successful medical practice. Providing training allows you to grow and mold your medical staff to… Continue Reading

Top 5 Employee Benefits To Offer Staff

One surefire way to attract talent to your practice is the offer of employee benefits. Employee benefits range from vacation days to health insurance and although some may cost your practice a hefty sum, others are relatively inexpensive to offer. Therefore, it you are struggling to attract and retain talent, taking a look at your… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Patient Collections

Collecting outstanding balances from patients can be a tiring task. As a medical provider, your hope is that your patients pay their bills upon receiving them. However, realistically you know that is not always the case. Maybe your patients have misplaced the bill, are waiting for the funds, or have decided they just don’t want… Continue Reading

5 Characteristics of a Great Medical Billing Specialist

As a physician, you may have a medical billing specialist in-house or you may have outsourced your billing services to a reputable company, such as Applied Medical Systems (AMS). Regardless of where your billing is housed, working with an exceptional medical billing specialist is extremely important. Billing is a crucial part of your business, and… Continue Reading